Be [Hu]man.™

Matt and Christina Damaskos | Co-Founders, athlon

May 01, 2022 Ford Dyke, Ph.D. | perfor[Hu]mance.® | preFORM: Prepare to Perform. Season 4 Episode 4
Be [Hu]man.™
Matt and Christina Damaskos | Co-Founders, athlon
Show Notes

athlon is a FITT technology company that gamifies mindful movement for children through an AR-powered mobile app. It's backed by exercise science principles to make it fun for kids to optimize the health of their body-mind connection. The methodology is centered around 'FITT Snacks,' gamified bite-sized movement and breathing exercises.

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Welcome to perfor[Hu]mance.® The evidence-based approach to Human Performance Optimization. The platform presents preFORM: Prepare to Perform. A podcast created to explore the inner workings of high-profile performers. Conversations reveal what separates them from the average [Hu]man.

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